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Kids Yoga and Mindfulness

Watch this space for upcoming Workshops coming in 2018

$02) 9What kids will experience and learn;

  • -Simple breathing techniques to slow down the nervous system, develop self-control and connect with their feelings.
  • Yoga poses to release energy, learn compassion and develop strength, concentration and self-confidence, as well as improve fle-xibility and posture.
  • -Games and processes that develop patience, mindfulness, compassion, leadership and other social/emotional skills.
  • Relaxation techniques and storytelling to calm the body and mind, and integrate physical, emotional and cognitive experiences.
  • -Encouragement for kids to get active and become more body aware and joyous – inspiring kids to jump off their couches and into their favourite yoga poses promoting; management of stress through breathing, awareness and healthy self-image.
  • dance and movement accompanied with live African djembe drumming – synthesising the connection between the body and heart.  
  • -Each class will help build a strong sense of community, promoting health and wellbeing by assisting kids to slow down and look within through song, movement and play. Yoga is one of the only activities that is non-competitive and promotes relaxation and focus — and everyone can do it!